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Reposition your employees before they leave, and retain your competitive edge through workforce redeployment solutions.

Why RiseSmart Workforce Redeployment?

RiseSmart Workforce Redeployment enables valuable employees to discover new opportunities within your organization quickly, allowing you to retain the best and the brightest while creating a flexible and mobile workplace environment. Through our semantic matching technology, we pair the goals, skills, and experience of your current talent with relevant internal opportunities, taking the burden off your human resources teams and providing a seamless experience for your employees.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

  • Lower recruitment and hiring costs
  • Reduce time and resources spent on onboarding
  • Lower severance costs during times of transformation
Establish Talent Mobility

Talent Mobility

  • Reduce employee churn
  • Retain institutional knowledge
  • Increase engagement
Realize Value

Realize Value

  • Get on-demand data and analytics reporting
  • Reduce burden on HR teams
  • Effectively match employees to open positions

Taking the Burden
off Employers

When talent mobility is the imperative, most HR teams don’t have the resources to make it a reality.

Track engagement and success
Track Engagement and Success Icon

Track Engagement and Success

Get on-demand tracking and reporting along with meaningful data analysis to drive business decisions. Understand which departments and business units are successfully employing internal talent and which teams need more encouragement and guidance to improve workplace culture.

Match employees to open positions
Match Employees to Open Positions Icon

Match Employees to Open Positions

Invigorate your talent mobility initiatives with the technology to make it a reality. RiseSmart SmartMatch™ effectively matches internal job leads with transitioning employees, eliminating the guess work out of how to move talent within the organization.

Smoothing the Path
for Employees

Without access to an efficient workforce redeployment program, employees will opt to look outside of the organization for new opportunities. Provide transparency into open positions through patented technology tools and prepare employees to successfully compete for suitable alternative employment with personalized coaching, professional resume writing, and the customized resources they need to navigate an internal job search.

Give Employees a Competitive Advantage
Give Employees a Competitive Advantage Icon

Give Employees a Competitive Advantage

Expert, dedicated, and personalized coaching on topics such as internal networking and interview preparation — coupled with a resume, cover letters, and digital profiles written by a dedicated branding expert — give your employees the best chance of rising above the competition and landing a new job within the organization.

Help talent discover career paths
Help Talent Discover Career Paths Icon

Help Talent Discover Career Paths

Access to hand-picked job leads delivered on all devices, ensures complete transparency and optimum opportunity for employees to pursue new, relevant roles within the company. Access to an online career management system, career tools, up-to-date career transition content, and live training sessions prepare them for every aspect of their internal job search.

Quotes RiseSmart Customer

"From the moment I engaged with RiseSmart, it just felt like RiseSmart was moving quickly, ready and able to respond to our needs — no matter our size, I could tell this was a company that wanted my business and would support our goals as an organization"

John M.
RiseSmart Customer

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